“Winter is Coming”

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Project Description

Pardon me my English, but it’s my favorite line of the TV series “Game of Thrones”.

In our areas of the South of France, we can tell something about winters as well. Witness the large chimneys in our old houses, often raised. very handy certainly, but aesthetic? So, a couple of very dear friends put me to work.

Cheminee avant
” The way it was before”

Below the chimney, I built drawers that had to fit like a glove (three gloves in fact). The front of the drawers was made from a rare, large, single-piece of premier walnut panel, found at the Maraval sawmill.Your turn to judge.

Après le déluge

I put a steel angle above the walnut panels to avoid the risk of fire by bright embers, and the middle drawer is designed to catch the ashes. It features an insulation with rock wool and metal sheet. The surface is left semi-rough, to be in tune with the rest of the kitchen.

Cheminee detail

The reaction was swift and unequivocal.

Juste un mot mon cher Jo pour te remercier de la qualité

de ton travail à la maison sur la cheminée.

nous sommes ravis 👍👏😃

They 😃. Me 😃.