The Twin Mills

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Project Description

I am convinced that in a previous life I must have been a beachcomber. I run into major trouble when I encounter something that could still be useful, but is relegated by its rightful owners to a dark, third-rate closet. Or worse.

As piece of evidence, I’m calling to the witness stand two disused Peugeot pepper-and salt mills. It is not well known outside of France, but Peugeot makes far better condiment mills than cars. They are even that good that on flea markets the selling price for a battered and bruised pepper mill is not that much lower than a shiny new one.

So, when I discovered two such items in our hideout at the Belgian coast, my heart flowed over with joy. The perspex case was shattered and broken, but the inside was (of course) intact. The anonymous owners agreed quickly to my restaurative proposals.

I  had still some Flintstone beechwood left over (beachwood would in fact have been even better!), which worked well for the body, but for the head of the mills I wanted to find something both distinctive and easy to remember.

My choice fell on Zebrano for the salt (“Zout”)mill and on Purplewood for the Pepper twin.

Pepper and Salt


The distinguished looker may still recognise the mirror image of the photographer…