A Buddha for a Bathroom

///A Buddha for a Bathroom
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Project Description

I’m not quite sure if Marcel Duchamp ( or R. Mutt for that matter) would appreciate the comparison, but my Little Buddha would in all humbleness not have to blush.

The commission was for a particularly demanding client, only satisfied with the best and exquisite design. Of course, she arrived at my doorsteps, and of course she had to wait a few months. The dresser had to fit under under a lavabo, should have no legs on the ground, and be very practical.

Finally, I designed a walnut dresser combination, with the top face and the front from the same wide tree (a nice find at the Maraval sawmill in Villefranche d’Albigeois), spreading over the two cupboards. It was the first time I used the Blum Silentgliss hinges, somewhat puzzling for a first time, but amazingly flexible.

The mounting was a thrilling experience – we had no drawings of the plumbing embedded in the wall, and traditional metal detectors would not work. We found an advanced device, which beeped every two inches… But no holes, no glory…


The finished product:



The first sketch :


Then, after some tinkering, a technical design:
Badkamer Griet v2

… resulting in the assembled cupboards, before finishing, in my workshop:

The opened cupboards:

The birds and the cat really love it!

To render the cupboards resistant to the bathroom humidity, I treated the surfaces with 6 layers of General Finishes PolyAcrylic varnish, with careful sanding [400] between the layers.